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My word is my bond 9/?

Title: My word is my bond
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/ Matsumoto Jun; Ninomiya Kazunari/ Sakurai Sho
Rating: up to NC-17, but PG-13 most of the time

Warning: It’s dystopia mixed with steampunk and futuristic elements combined with elements from the 18th century, I guess... So it’s a little bit darker at some points, but nothing too dark, I promise.
Summary: The world in 2300 has changed. The society is divided in humans and slaves. Slaves are born and sold to fulfil their masters’ needs and desires. There are only a few masters who see their slaves as humans – like the Sakurai brothers. But it’s hard to hide this, when the rest of the world wants to see the slaves as ‘things to use’ and not as humans.

Note: I tried my best with the steampunk genre, but I think it became a mixture between some genres, nevertheless I hope you’ll like my new multi chapter <3 Sakumiya and JunBa will both have a lot of spotlight, and Ohno will be part of the story too ^__^

Nino had a bad feeling when they stepped out of the carriage. He looked back at Jun, who sat there, afraid of what would come next. He had once told Nino about his past, but it was too much, even for Nino, who had a bad past on his own. He wanted to help Jun here, but there was no way he could get him out of this now.

“Let's go inside,” Sho said with a smile.

Nino nodded at him and followed him upstairs into the living room. He sat at the chair right next to the window and looked outside.

“Nino?” He winced when he heard Sho calling his name. How long had he sat here staring into nothing?

Sho sat opposite, handing him a glass of water. “Can I ask you something?”

Nino nodded. “What happened to you?”

Nino gulped. No one had ever asked about his past. No one was interested in what had happened to him during the last years. He looked at Sho, and even though he was still a complete stranger to him, he felt relaxed and just good. “I got bought, got sold again, was bought and got sold again.”

Sho looked at him with curious eyes. Nino knew that the other wanted to know about the beginning of his life, about why his life had become the one of a slave. Nino sighed. “You want to know why I became a slave?”

Sho nodded. “But you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.”

Nino looked out of the window. It was a warm day and far away he could see the wind blowing up sand, turning it into a brown wall.  The last times he got bought he had always wished to disappear. He could remember that he often had closed his eyes, wishing that he would vanish or die. And now, when he closed his eyes he wished that this dream would never end and always stay like this. “I want, but I can't. I don't know you, Sho-san.” He smiled sadly, twisting the glass in his hands. “But if you want, I tell you, because you are my owner after all.” He shrugged.

“Do you know cherries?” Sho asked. Nino blinked at him. What was this change of the topic?

“I never heard that word.” Nino felt Sho's hand pushing him up.

“Let's go to the garden, I show you.”

They reached a big tree with small red and green fruits on it. They looked delicious, but Nino wouldn't dare to eat them, because they looked poisoned with their strong red colour. “And they are good?” He asked.

Sho nodded. “It's an old fruit.”

“Ancient times?” Nino asked with a smile.

Sho laughed out. “Yes. You are one day here and you already understand how my brother ticks.”

Nino looked at the tree. He stepped closer and twisted one of the cherries between his fingers. “May I?”

Sho nodded. “But be careful, there is a pit in it.”

Nino took a bite. It felt like a firework on his tongue. He had never eaten something fresh like this. “Wow, amazing.”

“Right?” Sho said. “Masaki is a genius when it's about botanic.” Sho pulled Nino along to a bench right next to the tree.

“How is he doing this? I mean the most fruits he planted are already forgotten?”

Sho leaned back. “He found an old box on the attic. There were seeds of various plants in it, and he just tried it. And as you can see, he succeeded.”

“Seeds? Where from?”

“My grand-grand-grand-father,” Nino heard Masaki's voice from not far away. He turned to look at Masaki and Jun. He could clearly see that Jun had cried. After one year together he could sense every emotion Jun had. But he could also see that Masaki had his hand tightly around Jun's. Nino suppressed a smile. That was definitely a good sign, and once more he hoped that the dream wouldn't vanish when he opened his eyes.

“Oh, Masaki, you are back. Can we talk for a moment?” Sho asked and stood up. “You give us a minute?”

Nino nodded. He looked at Masaki and Sho disappearing from the bench. “Come on, Jun sit down.”

Jun smiled at him and took place. “How was it at Kei-san's place?”

Jun looked at the ground. “Horrible.”

Nino stroked Jun's back. “He is gone from your life, Jun. And he'll never return.” Nino looked at their new owners. “I think this is a good place here.”

Jun shook his head. “This isn't a good place, Nino.”

He looked up. “It's paradise. It's the best place we could get to.”

Nino nodded. “You like Masaki, right?”

Jun blushed. Oh, Nino knew this face. This was Jun's 'I feel attracted to someone' face. “You are an open book, Jun.” He laughed.

“I don't even know him,” Jun argued, but it sounded half-hearted.

“But you like his outlook.” Nino pulled on eyebrow up. He knew he could be a pain in the ass, but he loved being pushy.

Jun looked up at Masaki. “He has a good heart, and he looks good.”

Nino laughed. “Yes.”

Jun poked Nino's side. “Hey, but you like your owner too, right”

Now it was Nino blushing, and Jun's laugh made him realize, that not only he could be a pain in the ass, but also Jun could be a little jerk.


“And you think that Kei-san knows about our real intention?” Sho asked.

Masaki shrugged. In the end he didn't care about what this idiot thought about him or his life. “I don't care. I have his medicine, and I am the only one who can make it for him, so he better keeps quiet.”

Sho nodded. “And we made a good performance in the shop.”

“Hey, why did Jun cry?” Sho asked.

Masaki's heart clenched. “He still thinks that he isn't good enough. And that he is already used and not worthy anymore.”

Sho tilted his head. “I really hope you can fix his heart, Masaki, because in your eyes I can see that you like this guy, but you know that broken humans like him are difficult to get back to a normal life.”

“Broken wings are hard to repair, I know. But remember the eagle's wings I cured? And the rabbit with the broken leg? And the racoon with his cut off tail?” Masaki asked.

“Yes,” Sho said. “But a broken soul is harder to repair than body parts.”

Masaki smiled at him. “I think you have similar problems, my dear big one.”

Sho blushed and Masaki immediately knew that he got the point. “You like your slave, right?”

Sho scratched his head. “I is with me for only one day now, I can't tell if I like him.”

Masaki laughed. “But I can tell you, you like him.”


Weeks had past and slowly they got into a daily routine. Masaki and Sho had managed it to get the reputation of being hard and strict with their slaves, while they tried their best to make them feel free and save at home.

Jun started acting normal towards Masaki, and he was even able to walk around his rooms without looking like a frightened cat.

Masaki woke up early in the morning. The sun was about to rise and the first birds in his winter garden started singing. He turned in his bed to find Jun lying next to him. “Again?” He asked.

Jun looked up at him with sleepy eyes. “I am sorry, Masaki. I had a bad dream, and I didn't want to be alone.”

“What have you dreamed about?” Masaki wanted to know. He had asked every time since this had happened for the first time, but Jun had never given him an answer. So he didn't count with one today. He just asked because he wanted to show interest.

Jun turned to the side, looking at Masaki. He could see the scars on Jun's shoulder when the shirt slipped down from there. “I am afraid that you don't want me in your rooms anymore when I tell you.”

Oh god, now they were back to the beginning. “Jun, I already said it 500 times. You can't make me thinking bad of you.”

“There was one night, back at Kei-san's manor. He had some friends there, and they drank a lot, and at one point they started touching me, and then...” Jun stopped. He couldn't talk any further.

Masaki had never touched Jun, except from taking his hand from time to time. “Come here,” he now said.

Jun looked at him, his chest rose up and down from the deep breathes he took. He robbed closer till Masaki could feel Jun's head against his chest. For one moment they stayed like this, till Masaki could feel Jun's hand roaming over his body. It would have been a lie to say that Masaki didn't want this, but it was not why he invited Jun to come closer. “Stop it.” He took Jun's hand from under the blanket and held it in his.

“I am sorry, Masaki. I thought you needed me to release some ...” Jun started.

Masaki jumped out of the bed. “No, sorry. I am not that kind of man. I don't want you to help me release my stress.”

“But that's what I am made for,” Jun cried out. “I am a slave, Masaki. I am made for pleasuring others. I have always been like this. This is what I do since I am 13 years old.” He cried for real now. “Tell me, you think I am not good enough, right? You think I am ugly? Or is it because I am already used?”

Masaki sighed. This was what Sho had meant with saying that a broken soul is hard to fix. “How many times did I tell you that you should stop talking about yourself in this way?” He really tried to keep his patience, but slowly it started pulling on his nerves. Jun was like a damaged jukebox, repeating the same words again and again.

“Then why don't you sleep with me like normal owners do?” Jun yelled.

“Because I am not a normal owner, Jun. I really like you and I don't want you to do something you just do because you learned it that way. I don't want to use you, I want you to stay with me, when you can think of returning the feeling of liking me, but not because it's your thought of how you need to work.” Masaki yelled back. He blushed when he heard his owns words escaping his mouth. Had he really confessed here? Jun stared at him with mouth wide open. So he really had confessed here? Masaki opened the door to the bathroom and locked himself. Damn, that was too much. He had lost control.

Masaki leaned against the door. His whole body shivered. He could still feel Jun's hand on his body. Masaki's stomach clenched.

“Masaki?” He heard a knock on the door. Jun's voice was thin and he sounded scared.

He robbed away from the door and opened it. Jun stood there, his shoulders hanging down sadly. He knelt next to Masaki. “I am sorry.”

Masaki smiled at him. “No need to apologize.” He brushed Jun's cheek. “I overreacted.”

Jun shook his head. He robbed closer till he sat between Masaki's legs. He took Masaki's hands and wrapped it around his body. Masaki could feel the warm body pressed against his, and even though Jun had gained some weight during the last weeks, he still felt tiny.

“That's how I feel when I am with you,” Jun said. He turned to face Masaki. “I was never allowed to show any feeling and emotion. I had to work like they wanted me to work.” He rested his head against Masaki.

“Do you think you are able to like me?” Masaki asked. His heart started racing against his chest.

“I already like you, Masaki. But I am still ...” Jun started.

“Like an eagle with a broken wing,” Masaki ended the sentence.

Jun nodded.

“Okay, let's take slow steps.” Masaki pulled his hands closer around Jun and placed a kiss on his nose. “Real slow.”

“Sounds good,” Jun chuckled while he cuddled closer to Masaki.

A/N: Hello everyone <3 Here we are with the next chapter. So Nino didn't want to talk about his past, at least for now, but I promise that he'll start talking at one point ^^
Oh, and Sho already falls for Nino? And Nino for Sho?
What do you think about Masaki and Jun? They go in the right direction, right? :D
Thanks for reading everyone <3

Tags: g: au, g: dystopia, g: futuristic, g: steampunk, length: multi chapter, p: aiba masaki/ matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/ sakurai sho, r: pg13, series: my word is my bond
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