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Up where we belong 3/? (JunBa, Sakumiya)

Title: Up where we belong
Pairing: For the beginning Arashi friendhip, later on: JunBa, Sakumiya, Ohno/??
Rating: up to R

Warning: None
Summary: To grow up in an orphanage can be really depressing. You miss your family, or you wonder about your family. Why are you here? Where is your mother? Your father? Everything starts getting easier when you have friends who are your family - like in Masaki's, Sho's, Kazu's and Satoshi's case. And when a baby arrives in the orphanage, Masaki has big-brother-like feelings from the very first beginning.
Note: The first chapters are Arashi as children. Masaki and Kazu are around 8 years old, Sho is 11, Satoshi 12, and Jun is 6 months old ;)

„Sho-chan,“ Masaki yelled out. The other was not far away from him, standing with some other children in front of the school. Masaki was in the first grade of elementary school together with Kazu, while Sho and Satoshi were in the first grade of junior high.

It was a public school, and while most of the children got caught up by their parents after school, Masaki and the others went home together day after day. The first day Masaki had to go this way alone, and he had been pretty afraid of going the whole way without help, but now he had got used to it, and most time there were his friends to accompany him.

“Masaki, where’s Kazu?” Sho asked when Masaki had reached him.

He scratched his head. “Yeah, you know, he played a trick on a school mate and now he got a detention.”

Sho sighed. Masaki exactly knew the tone in this noise. Sho was annoyed. Sometimes he really acted like the big brother, and that wasn’t always nice for the others. “How long does he need to stay?”

“I think one hour,” Masaki answered. He had no idea, because he had just seen Kazu going to the detention room together with a teacher. He had no chance to ask him.

“Okay, I think he needs to get home alone then, because I need to learn, and Satoshi is already at home,” Sho explained.

Masaki blinked. Why was Satoshi already at home? “But school ended some minutes ago? Why is he at home?”

He could see Sho smiling at him. It was a strange smile. No – Masaki knew this smile, and he totally didn’t like it. He really didn’t want to know why the other wasn’t with them now. It would probably destroy Masaki’s mood.

“He has something to do. Satoshi has to help the nuns.”

The knot in Masaki’s belly solved slowly. “Phew, I thought he has another family talk.”

Sho tousled through Masaki’s hair. “You are really afraid that one of us has to go, right?”

Masaki could just nod. It was something different to talk with Kazu about it than talking with Sho. Sho was much more mature and Masaki wasn’t able to talk carefree about everything.

“Come, let’s sit down at the bench and wait for Kazu,” Sho said. He pulled him along to the bench. “You know,” Sho started. “Maybe one day we all need to find our own way.”

Oh god, sometimes Masaki hated Sho for sounding so adult-like. He didn’t like this attitude, because they were children after all. “But we stay something like a family, we are a family.” Masaki knew he sounded stubborn, but he didn’t care about it.

Sho laughed. “Of course.”

Somehow that sounded all over honest. “Sho-kun, what will happen if we find a new family?” Masaki couldn’t remember if he had ever asked that question before.

Sho looked at him for a moment before he answered. “I have no idea, Masaki.” He leaned back against the seat. “We all don’t know how it feels to stay in a family, but I think it will be a great new experience.”

Masaki nodded. No – he didn’t want a new family. “Do you think that someone wants us?”
“What do you mean?” Sho asked.

“Don’t you think we are already too old to get adopted?” Sho laughed out loud at this question “Why do you laugh?”

“Masaki, you are 7 years old, and we are getting 12, so we aren’t that old,” Sho explained.

Masaki rolled his eyes. “Yes, sure, but most of the time babies get adopted and they don’t share that much interest in us.”

Sho nodded at him. “Yes, that’s true.”

“Jun,” Aiba whispered.

He could feel Sho’s hand on his shoulder. “Let’s enjoy our time together, okay? No one knows what tomorrow comes.”

Masaki nodded. “Okay. Let’s enjoy the time.”


Sho walked behind Kazu and Masaki. He looked at the both of them. They looked happy while they chatted about this and that and giggled about some silly jokes. Sho had often thought what would happen when he had to leave the orphanage. Would he be happy? Would he want to stay at the orphanage or would he go with the family? He was torn between two feelings overwhelming him.

Sho shook his head. It was senseless to think about this right now, because there was no family interested in him. During the last 6 years Sho had only three talks with families, and none of them wanted him in the end, but he didn’t care about it. In the end he never felt like something was missing in his life, right?

“Hey, Sho-chan, do you listen to me?” Sho winced when he saw Masaki right in front of him. He had been really absent minded.

“I am sorry, Masaki, I was in my thoughts. What did you say?” Sho smiled at his friend.

“I wanted to know if you join us today?” Masaki bounced up and down.

Sho rolled his eyes. He knew where this would lead to. “It’s a bad idea, Masaki. You really shouldn’t do this.”

“You act like a father, but you are also young and not an adult, so keep calm and join us,” Nino said with a grin.

Sho sighed. He really acted too adult like sometimes, but he had the feeling that he was responsible for the younger ones. “Okay, before the two of you get lost again, I’ll come with you. And Satoshi will accompany us too.”

“Great,” Aiba chirped.

Nino and Masaki had always the worst ideas when it was about doing forbidden things. They never did real bad things when they concoct a plan, but Masaki had a real soft spot for the lake not far away from the orphanage and Kazu loved it to stroll around in one of the few empty houses around the orphanage. And sometimes (or maybe always) Sho was worried that something could happen to them.

Satoshi wasn’t the overall worrying type, but Sho pulled him along no matter what. He always told him, that he was also the older one between them, and he needed to take care of Masaki and Kazu, but Sho wasn’t sure if Satoshi ever listened to him.

“What exactly have you planned for today?” Sho wanted to know.

“It’s such a beautiful day. We wanted to go to the lake,” Masaki started. “I have a lot of homework to do, and I want to make it there, while we lie in the grass, enjoying the sun.”

Sho started laughing out loud. They wanted to run away to make their homework? “You really are something.” Sho tousled through Masaki’s hair.

“Maybe I can bring Jun along? What do you think?” Masaki asked.

Sho tilted his head. “I am not sure if this is a good idea, Masaki. He is so tiny. What if something happens to him?”

Masaki nodded. “Maybe you are right.” Sho could hear the disappointment in Masaki’s voice. He had really developed big feelings for this baby in such a short time.

They reached the orphanage and placed their shoes at the entrance.

One of the nuns waited for them at the entrance to the dining room. “Go in quickly, lunch is almost done.”

“Thank you, Maria-san.” Sho bowed when he passed her.

They slipped into the room. Sho looked around. He got nervous. Satoshi wasn’t around. He had expected that the other would already greet them with one of his smiles when they’d enter the room, but he wasn’t there. Sho turned around to look at Maria. “Where’s Satoshi-kun?”

“Sit down,” the nun said. Sho could feel a cold shiver running down his spine. He didn’t like the sad glance in Maria’s eyes.

“What happened?” Masaki asked with his usual bright grin around his lips. It faded when he saw Maria’s and Sho’s glance.

Maria sat next to them and looked from one to the other. “Listen to me,” she started.

“I think I don’t want to hear that,” Kazu said.

The nun smiled, and Sho didn’t like it. “There was a family here today, and Satoshi got chosen. He is with this family till Monday. They will decide if they keep him after this weekend.”

Sho looked at Kazu and Masaki. They both looked down, and no one of them said a word. “Eat something now, and then outside to play a little bit, okay?” Maria said lovingly.

Sho looked at his plate. His hunger was gone, and when he looked at the others he knew that they all felt same.

“You knew about it, right?” Masaki looked suddenly up at Sho. He had never seen Masaki being that sad and somehow angry. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I …,” Sho sighed. Yes, he had known about it. Satoshi had told him the day before that he’d have another chance to live with a family, but maybe Sho didn’t disavow that. He hoped that it wouldn’t become reality. Satoshi had never been that excited before. He got informed that he’d live with this family for the weekend, and he wanted to make everything perfect. He wanted this new life – no matter what. “Yes, I knew about it. But I didn’t want to make you feel uneasy. He is just away for one weekend. They decide then how it’ll go on.”

“So he’ll leave us,” Kazu whispered. His voice was thin and sad, Sho had never seen him like this, and it hurt him. For the first time he realized how much of a family they had become.

“Sorry, I want to go upstairs now, I am not hungry anymore.” Masaki stood up and bowed before he left the room.

Sho wanted to stand up, but Kazu glances at him. “I think he doesn’t want to see you now, and me neither. So stay here, and leave us alone for today.”

Sho wanted to say something but they were already out of the room. Had he done something wrong? He didn’t want something bad for the others, he just wanted to prevent them being hurt, but that didn’t work out.

“Sho-kun?” Maria walked up to him. She had a small smile around her lips. She sat next to him on the small bank.

“I think they are mad with me,” Sho said. He looked up. He had never been good with feelings, but now he could feel the tears coming up in his eyes. No – he never cried, not even when he had fallen on this old rusty nail.

Maria brushed over Sho’s head. “Why are they mad?”

He rubbed his face. No, he wouldn’t show any feelings. “I knew about Satoshi’s weekend with this family, and I didn’t tell them.”

Maria smiled at him. “You wanted to protect them from feeling sad, but you can’t do that.”

“Will he come back?” Sho asked.

“I don’t know, Sho-kun. But if he feels happy, I hope that he’ll stay there. It’s his decision after all,” Maria said.

Sho knew what Satoshi wanted, and it made him feel even sadder.

 A/N: Hello everyone, here is the next chapter from this story. I promise to update aurora borealis soon, I promise, but I have to learn for an exam and I am not able to write a lot right now, so I post what is already done, and it's this multi :D
So, what do you think? Will Satoshi leave them? And Kazu and Masaki are mad with Sho. Poor him, but he is as sad as the others are. <3

Tags: g: au, g: au-ish, g: drama, g: group story, g: romance, length: multi chapter, p: aiba masaki/ matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/ sakurai sho, r: pg13, series: up where we belong
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