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My word is my bond 7/?

Title: My word is my bond
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/ Matsumoto Jun; Ninomiya Kazunari/ Sakurai Sho
Rating: up to NC-17, but PG-13 most of the time

Warning: It’s dystopia mixed with steampunk and futuristic elements combined with elements from the 18th century, I guess... So it’s a little bit darker at some points, but nothing too dark, I promise.
Summary: The world in 2300 has changed. The society is divided in humans and slaves. Slaves are born and sold to fulfil their masters’ needs and desires. There are only a few masters who see their slaves as humans – like the Sakurai brothers. But it’s hard to hide this, when the rest of the world wants to see the slaves as ‘things to use’ and not as humans.

Note: I tried my best with the steampunk genre, but I think it became a mixture between some genres, nevertheless I hope you’ll like my new multi chapter <3 Sakumiya and JunBa will both have a lot of spotlight, and Ohno will be part of the story too ^__^

Nino woke up when he felt a hot breath tickling his neck. He was coiled up between fur and two big paws on his belly. Panic rose in him till he saw Akira's light blue eyes resting on him. He had always been afraid of dogs, but this one was mesmerizing. He wasn't only beautiful - he had this gentle and protective look in his eyes.

Nino heard a knock on the door before it got open and Sho's head appeared there. “Oh, good morning.” He smiled and opened the door further. “I already wondered where Akira is. He always scratches on my door early in the morning, because he wants something to eat, but today there was silence. I almost overslept.” He chuckled.

“Oh, I am sorry, mas...Sho-san. I didn't want to take him, but I felt...,” Nino started talking fast.

Sho shook his head. “No, no, it's okay. I just wondered because you said that you are afraid of dogs.”

Nino nodded. “I am, but ...” he felt his cheeks burning. He was a slave, he wasn't allowed to talk about his feelings, because there shouldn't be any feelings in him. He looked at Sho and he knew that it was okay to say this. “I felt lonely. I am used to sleep with others in one room, that's why I took him with me here.”

“That's okay.” Sho came up to his bed and placed some clothes on the bed. “Here, you can take them for now. We'll go shopping later on.”

“Jun?” Nino asked. “How is he?”

Sho smiled at him. “He feels better. Masaki takes a shower up here now, when you are done we'll go to have breakfast together.”

This whole situation still felt like a dream - this was too good to be true, but Nino was already sure that he wasn't dreaming at all, but he still waited that something would change, that they were only nice and kind till they'd show their real face. There was no reason to trust them so far. “Okay, Sho-san.” Nino shifted to get Akira from him and slipped out of the bed. He heard a loud peeping tone and looked at Sho.

Sho smiled at him. “It's your walkphone, you should pick up the call.”

Nino looked at the item on the nightstand. It was blinking in a deep strong purple colour. He took the item and looked at the display, but there were only letters and numbers on it, he had no idea what to do. Sho came closer. “Here, you need to push that button.”

“Nino?” He heard someone saying.

Nino's heart jumped. “Jun,” he called out. He still held the phone in his hands, far away from his ear. Sho chuckled. “Here, you need to use it like a telephone with dial plate.” He put the phone on Nino's ear.

“It works out,” Jun said on the other side.

Nino felt the knot in his belly solving. He had been so afraid that something might happen to Jun, but now he was relieved. “I am so happy to hear your voice.”

“I feel much better already.” Jun's voice sounded weak, but there was certain strength in it.  “Masaki-san showed me how to use this .... phone.”

“Hello, Nino,” he heard someone calling in the background. It was definitely Masaki's voice.

Nino could see Sho rolling his eyes. “Masaki, you are already back in your rooms?” Sho sighed. “He really is like a squirrel on Ecstasy when it's about taking a bath in the morning - except he has a meeting or something like this, then he needs hours.”

“You know I can hear you,” Masaki called out.

“That's good,” Sho replied.

Nino chuckled, but got earnest almost immediately. Oh god, he wasn't allowed to laugh about his masters. He hoped he wouldn't regret this. But the two of them didn't seem to care about his laughter.

“So, can you get yourself ready and down here, Jun and I are waiting with breakfast. And I am already terribly hungry,” Masaki whined.

Sho laughed. “Oh, when Masaki is hungry, it's better to follow his order, he can get really mad when he doesn't get enough food.”

Nino felt nervous. “Of course, Sho-san, I go and hurry.” He pushed the red button on the phone to disconnect the call and took the clothes from the bed to rush to the bathroom, but Sho held him back.

“That was a joke, Nino. Don't worry, take a shower and come down from your tension, okay?” Sho patted Nino's head.

Nino sighed. “Okay, Sho-san.”


Masaki took the cheese out of the fridge and placed it on the table. “Ah, we need to make some coffee, or do you like tea more?”

Jun looked at him with big unknowing eyes. “Coffee?” He asked. “What is this?”

Masaki tilted his head. “Oh, okay, we make some coffee and tea just in case you don't like coffee.”

He took the coffee beans to put them in a coffee mill. He knew that hardly anyone knew this drink anymore, but his family had some coffee plants in their gardens - thanks to Masaki's effort they still had some self-made coffee at home. It had been Masaki's wish to plant some coffee trees, because his grandfather had always told him about this delicious drink he had had for breakfast.

Masaki looked at Jun, who sat on the couch right next to his kitchen. “Sir, can I do something?” He asked.

Masaki walked up to him with the mill in his hands. “You can turn the hand gear like this, and then you can see the beans turning into powder.”

Jun did like he was told to and looked at the powder dropping into a glass-like cup under the mill. “Can you smell it?” Masaki asked. He earned a nod from Jun. “This is coffee.”

“And you can eat it like this?” Jun wanted to know.

Masaki laughed. “No, no. We need to cook it with water and then screen out the rest of the powder. It's something you can drink.”

“I never heard about it.” Jun shook his head.

“I have an addiction to ancient food and plants and everything concerning the living at the beginning of 2000,” Masaki explained. During his study he had learnt a lot about almost forgotten plants for medicine and a lot about illnesses and how people back then cured these. But Masaki had always wanted to learn more about it. That's why his parents had offered him one day to search through the attic, where he had found books from his grand-grand-grand-grandfather. Most of them were about biology and medicine during this time, and Masaki had gotten addicted to it. He wanted to get parts of this old time back to his time. Luckily his father had a similar interest, just that he was more into technique stuff and not plants and medicine, but at least everyone in his family supported him with his idea.

“But that was 400 years ago. How can you know about these times?” Jun asked.

“Books.” Masaki shrugged.

“You'll say that more often from now on,” Masaki heard Sho's voice. “My brother has a strong need to tell everyone about his interest.”

Masaki glanced at Sho. “You...” He wanted to say something further, but his look stopped at Nino, who shifted nervously from left to right.

“Oh, you can go to Jun, of course,” Masaki said to Nino, and he hit the point without knowing it. Nino almost jumped to the couch and fell on his friend.

“I am so happy that you feel better,” Nino chirped, but he sat up immediately and his mood changed from happy to stoic again. He was just holding Jun's hand. “I am sorry for my outburst.”

Masaki and Sho exchanged a look, and Masaki was sure that they thought the same in this moment. This would be a hard way for them to bring Jun and Nino into a normal life.


Masaki loved the smell of fresh coffee and baked ham and eggs. He placed everything on the cooking island and sat down next to Sho. He looked at Nino and Jun on the couch, sitting there, waiting like stray dogs for someone to pick them up.

“Come here, the both of you,” Masaki said and pointed at the seats opposite him.

They stood up and sat down without saying something. They just seemed to feel uneasy and insecure. “Have you ever eaten together with your owner at one table?”

Both shook their heads. “Okay, from now on, you are allowed to eat with us here, and if you get hungry, get yourself something from the fridge, okay?” Sho said. Sometimes Masaki admired him for his strict tone and his strong appearance. He would have been a great lawyer.

Jun and Nino nodded. “Good. And now let's eat.”

Masaki looked at the slaves. They took a small bite from the ham and eggs, like they wanted to test it before really biting into it. Once they had tasted it, they started eating like they hadn't eaten for months - which was probably not far away from what really had happened. “Masaki-san, can I taste this strange thing - how do you call it? Coffee?” Jun asked with a thin voice. He had his head lowered, like he was afraid that Masaki would scold him for asking.

He smiled at Jun and took the can to pour some of the black liquid in Jun's cup. “If you need some milk, I can bring you some. Do you want to taste this too, Nino?”

Nino looked at him. “Does this taste good?” He asked while he looked at Jun, who took a sip of it.

Jun wrinkled his nose. “It's strange, but it doesn't taste that bad at all.”

“Okay, I taste it,” Nino said and held his cup up till Masaki had poured the liquid into it. He took a sip and pricked out his tongue. “Strange.”

Masaki laughed out loud. “It's really interesting to watch you.”

“Oh no, now you'll have to taste everything he tries out. Poor you,” Sho joked. Masaki threw him a dark glance, but in the end he had to smile about it. Yes, probably he was a bit of a freak.

„So, we need new clothes, and Masaki, you need to visit Shiwamoto-san's house. Don't forget that he asked for your help.” Sho took out a small book of his pants. He had every meeting and appointment written down in there.

“Shiwamoto-san? Shiwamoto Kei?” Jun asked. Masaki could see that he was trembling slightly.

“Yes, Kei-san. He is one of my father's clients,” Masaki explained.

Masaki could see Jun's hands fisting, and Nino tried to calm him down with placing his hand on Jun's thigh. “Don't think about it, Jun.” Nino looked at his friend.

“You know him?” Masaki wanted to know.

Jun nodded. “He was my former owner till he gave me away, because I wasn't good enough anymore.”

Masaki froze. Didn't the shop owner said something about Jun was used for enjoyment? He didn't like Shiwamoto-san much, but he hadn’t thought that he treated slaves that bad. Was he the one who broke Jun like this? Was he the one who caused Jun's scars?

Jun looked up at him. “Please, don't lend me to him.”

Masaki blinked. Lend? Why should he? “Don't worry, Jun. I am your owner, and no one else, okay?”

Jun nodded. He still seemed to be shocked and much more afraid than Masaki had seen him the day before. “Do you want to stay at home instead of coming along? We can go shopping and Sho will bring you back here, you don't have to accompany me.”

Jun shook his head. “As long as you don't give me away, I am okay.”

Masaki was worried about taking Jun with him, but what did Sho say? No one was allowed to touch his property.

A/N: Hello everyone, I am sorry that I didn't update any multi chapter last week. I was in hospital and had some health-issues. >< Nothing too bad in the end, but I needed to go through a lot of check ups and I didn't have any time to update between hospital - doctor - work - learning for work. ><
But now I should be back again with my normal scedule. I will also update my OhBa next week when I find time to write the chapter. ^^ And on Friday we'll have 'up where we belong' chapter two. :)
For now, here is the seventh Chapter of this one <3 What do you think? What will happen when Masaki and Jun come to Shiwamoto
's place? And now they go shopping?

Tags: g: au, g: dystopia, g: futuristic, g: steampunk, length: multi chapter, p: aiba masaki/ matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/ sakurai sho, r: pg13, series: my word is my bond
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