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Up where we belong 1/? (JunBa, Sakumiya)

Title: Up where we belong
Pairing: For the beginning Arashi friendhip, later on: JunBa, Sakumiya, Ohno/??
Rating: up to R

Warning: None
Summary: To grow up in an orphanage can be really depressing. You miss your family, or you wonder about your family. Why are you here? Where is your mother? Your father? Everything starts getting easier when you have friends who are your family - like in Masaki's, Sho's, Kazu's and Satoshi's case. And when a baby arrives in the orphanage, Masaki has big-brother-like feelings from the very first beginning.
Note: The first chapters are Arashi as children. Masaki and Kazu are around 8 years old, Sho is 11, Satoshi 12, and Jun is 6 months old ;)

Masaki had the baby on his arms. It was covered in thick blankets. Just his face was visible and it could move his tiny arms up and down. He pulled his hand up to grasp for Masaki's’s nose. Masaki leaned forward till the baby was able to touch him. His hand was warm on Masaki’s skin and it let out some tiny noises, like it enjoyed it.

“I’ll take care of you, I promise,” Masaki whispered.

Masaki was only seven years older than the baby, but nevertheless he knew that he’d be there for this tiny creature, no matter what would happen to them.

The nun smiled at Masaki. “Give him back to me now.”

“Yes, Maria-san.” Masaki placed a kiss on the baby’s forehead and handed it to her. She laid the baby in the bed and took Masaki by his hand to guide him to his own room, which was opposite the baby’s.

“Can I take care of him again?” Masaki asked. He looked up at the nun.

She tousled through his hair. “You’ll become something like his new father.”

Masaki stopped and solved his hand from the nun’s. “He is so young and so fragile. I can’t believe that someone leaves such a tiny cute thing in an orphanage.”

The nun kneeled down next to Masaki. “We’ll never get to know the truth, but Masaki, don’t forget that you are a child yourself. Don’t become an adult too early. You’re in a hard situation here, but nevertheless we want you all to be kids. Play, fool around, be a little bratty sometimes, and don’t think that you need to be strong for someone else.” She stroked Masaki’s cheeks. “But if you want to take care of him, then I’ll be happy about it. He’ll need good friends when he grows older. And maybe your friends help you.”

Masaki nodded at her. Some of the other children in this orphanage didn’t like the nuns, because they could be rather strict and if you did something bad, you got punished, but Masaki liked it here. He had never experienced something else than this life, and it was normal for him to grow up here. He opened the door to his room and turned to bow in front of the nun. “Thanks Maria-san,” he said.

She smiled at him and stood up. “Go to sleep now, and no night-strolling or something else.”

“Yes,” he said and closed the door behind him.

There were two beds in this room. On the one side was Masaki’s place. He had some toys and teddy’s standing there. On the table were his school stuff and some books. He couldn’t read most of them on his own, but with the nuns’ help he enjoyed the books with different fairy tales in it.

A boy sat on the second bed and smiled at him. He had an old Gameboy on his lap. They weren’t the classical orphanage Masaki had heard from. Some of the children came here from other places and Masaki felt a cold shiver crossing his body when he thought of what they told about how their old place had been. Of course Masaki wished for a family, but he had a good place here. They were even allowed to play videogames.

“Have you been with Jun-pon again?” The boy asked.

Masaki smiled at him. Jun had arrived some weeks ago in this orphanage and Masaki was immediately obsessed about him. He didn’t know why, but the baby had totally caught him. And the first thing he had invented was “Jun-pon” as new nickname for the baby. “Yes, I was with him.” Masaki sat down on his bed. “He is so calm and so tiny. And I think he smiled at me today.”

The boy jumped from his bed and sat next to Masaki. “He is only calm when he’s with you.”
“You never tried it for real, Kazu,” Masaki said.

Kazu tilted his head. “You don’t know how bad I am in handling children. I’ll leave this to you. But you can ask Sho-chan next time? I am sure he’ll happily join you.”

Masaki looked at his friend. Ninomiya Kazunari – always called Kazu – had been Masaki’s roommate since he was able to think. And he was one of Masaki’s closest friends. Masaki sometimes wondered why they acted much older than they had been. He once had heard some nuns talking with each other. The boys act much older than they actually are they had said. They lost a lot, and they had to learn to fight quite early, one of them had added. I don’t want to imagine what it means to be in an orphanage from baby age on, a third nun had said. Back then Masaki had decided that he’d take care of the next baby which would arrive here. Two weeks later Jun had come.

Masaki had been a baby when he was brought here. The nuns had just told him that he had come together with Kazu. They had often discussed if they were brothers, but till now it was a riddle where they had come from. Kazu was Masaki’s brother – if someone asked them. And they were friends.

“Hello?” Masaki winced when he saw Kazu’s hand waving in front of his face.

“Sorry,” Masaki smiled. “I was a little bit absent-minded.”

Kazu rolled his eyes. “I said that you can talk with Sho-chan about Jun. I am sure he’ll help you taking care of him. You can also ask Sa-chan, but I am not sure if he’ll be a great help. But maybe he can draw Jun-pon?”

“What?” Masaki looked at Kazu.

“He can draw him,” Kazu repeated.

Masaki got a little nervous. “You know, that’s a great idea. I thought about a picture we could make together. All five of us.”

“I can’t paint, you know that, right?”

Yes, Masaki knew that they were talent free. They once tried it together with Satoshi, but they failed. They even had made Satoshi almost cry because of the mess they had created.  “I don’t think Satoshi will allow us using his colours ever again.”

Kazu jumped from Masaki’s bed and crawled into his own, where he yawned loudly. “We can talk with him tomorrow.”

“Sounds good,” Masaki pulled the blanket over his body and let himself fall back onto his pillow.


Sho sneaked through the corridors. He lived here for six years now, and he knew every corner of this building. He exactly knew where to hide if one of the nuns was about to catch him.

“Where are you going?” Sho froze when he heard a voice behind him.

He wanted to jump the other for scaring him to death. “Gosh, Satoshi, don’t appear out of nothing.”
Sho turned to face Satoshi. “I want to check on Masaki and Kazu.” Sho tilted his head. “And where the hell are you coming from?”

Satoshi shrugged. “I was on the rooftop. It’s a nice night sky and there is a great overview from town.”

“What if someone sees you up there?” Sho asked. He knew he had that special father like tone in his voice and sometimes the others hated him for acting like this, but he couldn’t change it, and in the end he didn’t want to. He had the feeling to be responsible for his friends, especially because he was the second oldest.

“What if you start getting cooler?” Satoshi smirked. “You act like our father, but you are one year younger than I am, so keep cool.” Sho’s eyes got smaller. He hated it when Satoshi talked with him like that. Satoshi could become a brat from time to time, not like Kazu, who was for sure the brattiest brat Sho had ever seen, but Satoshi had a slight tendency to be like Kazu.

“Whatever, I go now,” Sho just said. He knew it was senseless to discuss this now. The only thing they’d get was to be caught by the nuns. And they both didn’t need that now.

Sakurai Sho had come to this orphanage 6 years ago. He had been 5 years back then. It was a hard time for him to leave his family. His father had died when he had been born and his mother couldn’t bear the whole situation anymore. So she had decided to give him away.

Sho could remember about those days after he had come here. He had cried for almost the whole day. Some hours after a guy had brought him here, a boy had come up to him. “I am Ohno Satoshi, who are you?”

Sho had looked up at him. His sight had been blur from the tears in his eyes. He was stunned. This Satoshi boy had smiled at him. He had seemed to be so carefree and just happy. Sho hadn’t been able to understand how someone could have been happy in such a place. This place had been the worst Sho could have ever imagined. He had wanted to run away, to leave this all behind, but he had had no idea where to go to.

“Sakurai Sho,” he finally had said.

The boy had raised his hand. “Nice to meet you. We share a room together. Let’s play.” Sho had felt Satoshi pulling on his arm, dragging him along to their room. “I have some Lego toys. Let’s build a town together. Come, sit down.” Satoshi had sat in the middle of the room and had waited till Sho joined him.

Sho had felt totally surprised about the sudden kindness of the other. He had sat down to play with Satoshi. Just a short time later he had forgotten about the pain he felt inside.

“Wait for me.” Satoshi ran after Sho. “I want to join you. I want to meet them too.”

Sho nodded. He did that every night, since Kazu and Masaki had disappeared one night. They had sneaked away because Masaki had wanted to see the polar star, and Kazu had made an almost perfect plan – just that they had gotten lost somewhere, and the nuns had searched for hours. Sho had been running in circles back then. He had been worried to death, and even Satoshi - who was always rather calm then nervous or loud - had been worried.

Sho opened the door and froze. The beds were empty. “They are not here,” he said and turned to Satoshi. He could feel his heart beat fastened.

“What?” Satoshi pushed past Sho and looked around. “Where the hell are they?”

“Shh,” Sho raised his hand. He heard someone whisper on the other side.

“Be quiet, Kazu,” Sho heard a voice, which belonged to Masaki.

“I am not good with this,” this time it was Kazu speaking.

“Oi, give him to me,” it was again Masaki.

Sho looked at Satoshi, who just shrugged. They walked to the other room and pushed the door open. Sho peeked into it.

Masaki sat on a wing chair, Jun on his arms. Jun was crying, but soon there were only small sobs resounding in the room. Kazu sat next to him on the ground, his hand stretched out. Jun had his small fingers wrapped around Kazu’s forefinger.

Kazu and Masaki started humming a song together. Jun’s sobs turned into something undefined. It was between giggle and babbling. He seemed to like it, and Sho felt proud. He was just 11 years old, but he had the feeling, that he had raised those two – sometimes stupid – boys. (even though the most of the work was the nuns work, but that didn’t count…).

“What are you doing here?” Sho stepped into the room, followed by Satoshi.

“Jun was crying. I heard him when I was about to sleep. I came here to calm him down.” Masaki looked down on Jun.

“And he forced me to follow him,” Kazu said. “While Masaki made the baby bottle I tried to calm him down. But I failed. He totally didn’t want to stop crying.” Kazu brushed over Jun’s small hand, which was still holding him tightly. “Masaki has a kind of magical hand. When he takes Jun, Jun stops immediately.”

Satoshi closed the door and pulled Sho, who was still standing next to the door, closer to the others. “He’s so cute,” Satoshi grinned.

Sho kneeled in front of Masaki, stroking over the baby’s cheek. “Sure, but better we don’t get caught here.”

“Don’t be such a coward,” Satoshi poked Sho’s side playfully.

“Look, look,” Masaki suddenly chirped. “He smiles.”

All of them looked at Jun, who had his eyes wide open, and his tiny lips curled into a smile.

Sho felt something warm spreading in him. The last time he had experienced something like this had been when Kazu and Masaki had come here, and he and Satoshi had taken care of them. Sho looked from one to the other. The feeling of finally having something like a family grew bigger in him, and he couldn’t deny that he liked that feeling.

A/N: Helllloooo everyone. I wanted to start with this one so badly, so here it is. <3 I hope you'll like it. It's something different from m other things, but this orphanage story is in my head for a long time now. :)
They are all quite young at the beginning, and we'll stay in their children days for some chapters, I hope you'll like that. <3
Tell me about your opinion <3

Tags: g: au, g: au-ish, g: drama, g: group story, g: romance, length: multi chapter, p: aiba masaki/ matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/ sakurai sho, r: pg13, series: up where we belong
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