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Aurora borealis 7

Title: Aurora borealis
Pairing: Aiba, Jun, Sho, Nino, Ohno, Kame. For now there is just Sakumiya as pair, everything else will be decided later on.
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Warning: Arashi as hosts; in later chapters: smut
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, but the story is mine.
Summary: To start a new life is everything Aiba wants. And his new work place in a different host club brings him a bunch of new friends.

“I really feel bad now,” Jun said when they walked home together. He really didn't want to make Aiba feel bad, he just wanted to help him getting closer to the other. Never had he thought of something like this.

“It’s not your fault,” Nino said.

“Do you think he really feels something for Ohno?” Sho asked.

The others just looked at him. “Sometimes you can ask such stupid questions,” Nino sighed.

“I am afraid he is going to do something stupid,” Jun said out of the blue.

“What do you mean?” Nino wanted to know.

Jun rubbed over his face. He actually promised not to talk about it, but now he felt worried. “I know that Aiba is really sensitive when it’s about feelings. Kame told me about it. Last time he got dumped he did something really stupid, and I just hope he won’t do it again.”

Sho looked at him. “Do you think we should search for him?”

Jun shrugged. “I really have no idea. I don’t want to go on his nerves, and in the end I am not allowed to know something about what he did back then, because I promised Kame not to tell a single thing about it.”

“So we just walk home and wait that he comes back later?” Sho asked.

Jun stopped walking. “Yes. Go home and wait for him, I have an idea. We talk later.” With that Jun turned and started running in the opposite direction.

He just heard Nino asking him where he wanted to go to, but he was already on his way. He’d clear things up, now.


“What do you think about it?” Sho wanted to know.

“About Aiba and his feelings?” Nino turned to look at his boyfriend. He really didn’t want to change place with Aiba in this moment. He and Sho went through a lot of silly fights and troubles during the last two years, and he was just glad that their relationship became calmer now.

“Yes, and about all those things Jun knows about Aiba. Isn’t that strange?” Sho said. “He never ever mentioned him before, but he acts like he knows Aiba since forever.”

“Yes, you are right. Maybe it happens because of his past? Because of this guy he knew back then?” Nino asked. They were on their way back to the club, but they stopped when they reached the small park not far away from their home.

“I have no idea, but this whole thing becomes a mess,” Sho said.

Nino nodded.


Aiba walked through the garden around the club. He hated himself for the feeling he had. He again fell in love with a customer. It wasn’t exactly forbidden, but also not really accepted. But it didn’t matter anymore. Again he wasn’t able to supress his feelings for someone else. With all the tears he had cried out he didn’t learn to switch off the part in his mind which was appropriate for falling in love, no matter how hard he had tried it.

He once swore that he wouldn’t fall in love with someone he didn’t know anymore. He wanted to stay alone for the rest of his life, but Ohno’s appearance hit him.

Aiba stopped at the small pond in the middle of the park. He stared at the koi carp in there. They hardly moved, just when he put his hand in the water they spread in every direction. Aiba smiled sadly. He didn’t want to remember what had happened some years ago, but the time back then had cut deep wounds in his soul, and he wasn’t able to forget about what had happened to him, and what he had done to himself.

But he wasn’t the old Aiba anymore. He found a new place. He found friends, and he found a home where he was able to calm down, no matter what happened. He would never let himself getting drowned in sorrow and dark mood again.

“Aiba?” He heard Nino’s voice right behind him.

Aiba turned to look at the others. He smiled at them, but he knew they immediately saw that his smile wasn’t a real one. Aiba had never been good with faking feelings. In the end his eyes always showed what he really felt.

“We thought you’d run away from here,” Sho knelt next to him, his fingers dipping into the water. He didn’t look at Aiba.

“No, I just needed a little time for me,” Aiba answered. “Where is Jun?” He added.

„I really don’t know. He just said he has an idea and disappeared with that,” Nino knelt on the other side of Aiba.

After some moments of silence Aiba started laughing. The other two just looked at him. “It must be a great view to see the three of us kneeling in front of this pond, staring at the koi in there.”

“Fishes have something calming. My grandfather was used to say this,” Sho joined the laughter, and also Nino couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I am glad to be here,” Aiba said after a while. “You know, I did various stupid things some time ago, and I am glad that I didn’t even think of doing it again.”

“What have you done?” Sho wanted to know.

Aiba could see Nino glaring at him. “It’s okay to ask, really.”

Aiba stood up and walked to the bench opposite the pond. The others followed him. “I was a stupid young adult. I had a relationship where I gave everything of myself into it. I did everything for this person. I pushed every wish and desire I had aside and lived just for this person. I did what he wanted me to do, and if he'd told me to jump from the roof of a building, I think I would have done it. In the end he left me, and I fell in a deep black hole. A long time I didn’t feel anything and I let the people around me do everything they wanted to do with me, and you know what kind of people work in there and visit the Melon Club.” Aiba paused.

“So you really didn’t left out any trouble you could get into, right?” Nino said.

“Nino,” Sho grumbled.

Aiba smiled at them. “No, that’s okay.  He is right. I somehow didn’t escape one single trouble I could get into. But I promised myself that I would never ever get in such troubles again. So, I am alright, really. Everything is okay.”

Nino and Sho stared at him, like they wanted to scan if he really told the truth here and he wouldn’t do something stupid at the end of the day.

“Let’s head back to the club. I want to get some sleep before shift starts.” Aiba stood up and waited for the others.


Jun ran down the street, back to the gallery they had visited before. He was out of breath when he reached the building. He hoped it wasn’t already too late to see Ohno there. “3pm o’clock,” Jun whispered.

“Ohno-kun,” Jun said breathless. Behind the building he found the other standing there with some other people.

“Excuse me for a moment.” Ohno smiled at the others before he stepped to Jun. “What can I do for you? You disappeared so fast today. I wanted to come up to you, but there you were already gone.”

“Yes, I know. Aiba didn’t feel well, that’s the reason,” Jun answered. He knew it was only half the truth, but he couldn’t tell Ohno about the real reason, because in the end he didn’t want to embarrass Aiba with it.

Ohno nodded absent-minded. “That’s a pity.”

“I came back because I saw this woman together with you, and I thought I know her from somewhere. I am not sure if I was together in school with her, and I wanted to ask you about her.” The story was lame, Jun knew that. Probably Ohno wouldn’t believe these words, but Jun couldn’t think of something better in this moment.

Ohno tilted his head and pulled one eyebrow up. “In school? That can’t be. She is older than you are.”

Jun smiled at him. “Oh, okay. Can you tell me her name? Maybe I remember about her then.”

“Ohno Erika,” Ohno said.

“Ohno?” Jun asked. “Oh….” Jun suddenly said. “She is your sister?”


Now Jun laughed. He breathed out deeply. He needed to tell Aiba that immediately. “Maybe that’s why I thought of knowing her. She really resembles you.” Jun replied.

Ohno stared at him. “You really think we look same? You are the first one saying this.”

“Really, I can’t believe I am the first one saying this?” Jun lied.


Aiba pulled the tie around his neck. He turned to look at the clock. It was half past twelve and he had a few hours to go, but Aiba felt already terribly tired. He hoped the last hours would go by fast. Jun came back to the club a few minuted before shift starts and told Aiba that he needed to talk with him, but Aiba had already been in a hurry. They decided to talk about everything in the morning, but Aiba was a curious person, he wanted to know what Jun wanted from him.

Aiba was deep in his thoughts when the door opened and a slender figure came into the room. "You?" Aiba asked.

A/N: Hello my dear friends, I decided to pick up this multi chapter and finish it. <3 I hope it wasn't too long since I posted the last chapter, and you are still interested in it. <3 I promise to finish it in the next weeks.

Tags: g: angst, g: au, g: hosts, length: multi chapter, p: aiba masaki/ ohno satoshi, p: kamenashi kazuya/ matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/ sakurai sho, r: pg, series: aurora borealis
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