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Catch your reflection 1/? (Sakumoto; Aimiya)

Title: Catch your reflection
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/ Sakurai Sho; Aiba Masaki/ Ninomiya Kazunari
Rating: up to NC-17, but PG-13 most of the time
Warning: none

Summary: When Jun gets a mysterious message written on the mirror, he and his roommate Aiba start searching for a guy who seems to be in danger. And their first way leads them to a mysterious magical shop …
Note: Dedicated to lilly0 <3 I hope you’ll like it. I have a lot of fun writing this one, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Jun stood in the bathroom. The steam surrounded him, but he didn’t care. He loved the hot water on his skin after a long working day.

Jun froze when he suddenly saw letters appearing on the mirror right above the sink. Help me! - was written on there. “Masaki,” Jun yelled out.

He waited till the door got open and his stunned and slightly worried flatmate stood there looking at him. “What happened?” He asked. Jun didn’t even care that he was still naked, in the end the other had seen him various times like this, and Jun had never been shy.

“Was this you?” He pointed at the mirror, but the letters were gone.

“What?” Masaki stepped closer and looked at the mirror. “What was me?”

Jun blinked. He looked closer at the mirror brushing his fingers over it. “I swear there was a writing on it.” He shook his head. Was he really going insane here? Okay, Jun had worked a lot during the last months, but he still felt good and not a tiny bit exhausted.

Masaki stepped closer and placed his hand on Jun’s forehead. “You don’t have fever. Do I need to worry about you?”

“There,” Jun yelled out. He didn’t even answer to Masaki’s words and just pointed at the foggy mirror where small letters appeared again. “Please, help me,” was written on there again.

Masaki jumped backwards till he bumped into the washing machine. “Oh god.”

“See?” Jun said. “I am not insane.” Jun turned to the other, who was looking pale.

“That’s like in a horror movie,” Masaki gulped. “That’s creepy, Jun. If you are making fun of me here, please stop it. You know I don’t like horror settings.”

Jun rolled his eyes. “And you know that I already get afraid when I read children ghost stories. So why should I scare you?”

Masaki tilted his head. “Okay, but then … what does that mean?” 

Jun looked at the letters again – he had no idea what that meant. “Do you think that someone is playing a trick on us? Or is there really someone asking for help?”

Masaki stepped closer. “Do you think that there is really someone asking for help?”

“I am not sure, but if it’s no joke we should do something?” Jun half asked. He knew how this sounded. What should they do when a mirror was asking for help? No one would ever believe this story.

“Wait a moment,” Masaki said. He touched Jun’s shoulder. “I call Satoshi. He is a horror movie fan, maybe he can tell us what we should do in this case.”

Jun pulled one eyebrow up. “You know how this sounds?” He sighed. No one would ever believe that story.

“Like we are crazy?” Masaki scratched his head. “Or like we want to play a trick on someone?”

“Yes, or both,” Jun said.

“Hey, how about asking the mirror who he is?” Masaki suggested. Now Jun had to laugh. That really sounded weird and he hoped that no one was listening to them right now. That really sounded like a prank.

In the end Jun nodded at the other and stepped to the mirror. “How shall I ask? Or what?”

Masaki stepped next to him, his hands resting on the sink. He seemed to think about it. “I once saw a horror drama – don’t ask any further, it was horrible and I just watched it because the guy who wanted to watch it had been rather hot  - and there they wrote the questions they had on the mirror.”

Jun looked from Masaki to the mirror and back again. “Are you sure?”

Masaki shrugged. “Don’t know. Try it.”

“You know that sounds so stupid, right?” Jun asked again. He just wanted to make sure that he wasn’t the only one thinking that he was going crazy.

“I know, but there are strange letters on our mirror, and I think that’s already crazy enough.” Masaki leaned closer to the mirror to take a closer look at the letters, which already faded.

Jun stretched his arm and started writing ‘who are you’ on the mirror. They waited some moments, and Jun already thought that it was senseless till he could see other letters appearing under his. “I am Sakurai Sho,” Jun read out loud.

“Creepy.” Masaki breathed out. Jun looked at his friend. He really was far too relaxed, because Jun was already about to burst. He had the feeling that the fear mixed with curiosity and excitement made him almost throw up.

“How can you stay so calm?” Jun finally whined.

“I am far away from calm, I just try not to scream out loud,” Masaki said. He poked Jun’s side. “Look, look,” he added.

Jun stared at the mirror where further letters started appearing. “Please, help me.” He let his finger dance over the mirror again.

Where are you? Jun had written on there. Jun’s heart beat faster and he could see Masaki shifting nervously next to him.

“Do you really want to go and search for this guy when you know his location? I mean … don’t you think it’s dangerous? Or … I don’t know … stupid?” Masaki asked.

“Do you have a better idea?” Jun asked.

“Don’t know, ignoring it?” Aiba suggested.

Yeah, they could do this, but wasn’t their life all about an everyday routine? Wouldn’t it be nice to experience an adventure? “Our life is boring, Masaki. We stand up in the morning, go to work, come back home, eat something, go to bed … maybe this would be a nice variety.”

Masaki looked at him with eyes wide open. His voice got a little higher than usual. “If you want to do something adventurous than let’s go to ride the rollercoaster or maybe we can bungee jump or so? But searching for … whoever and whatever this is … I don’t know.”

They could do this, but something in Jun wanted this adventure. He grasped for Masaki’s shoulder when another sentence appeared on the mirror. No time, Ninomiya’s shop of magic horror.
Masaki sighed. “Okay, I guess it’s senseless to discuss something with you, what you’ve already decided in your mind.” Masaki poked with his finger on Jun’s forehead. “So what’s your plan? What shall we do with this information?”

Jun smiled at his friend. He knew that Masaki couldn’t refuse a request. “Do you know a shop with this name?”

Masaki tilted his head from left to right. “No, never heard of it, but wait a minute.” Masaki rushed out of the room and came back a few moments later with his tablet in his hands. “Here.” He handed Jun the item. Jun scrolled down the website. “Ninomiya’s shop of magic horror – here’s the place you find your very special horror magic,” Jun read out loud. “Come and visit me.” He continued.

He turned to Masaki. “The shop is half an hour outside of Tokyo.” Jun smiled. “Are you free tomorrow?”

“Do I have a choice?” Masaki sighed.

“Nope.” Jun shook his head. “You are bound to the ‘best-friend-needs-to-do-everything-together-contract’.”

“I already guessed something like that.” Masaki rolled his eyes, but Jun was sure that Masaki liked this adventure. Solving riddles had always been Masaki and Jun’s hobby since they had been children.

Jun had to smile. “What are you thinking about?” Masaki asked.

“Can you remember the racoon-egg-mystery we solved when we had been children?”

Masaki giggled. “The fabulous MasaJun detective office solved every case till now – even the riddle about the two racoons stealing eggs from Matsumoto manor.”

Jun and Masaki grew up together in a small town not far away from Tokyo. Since childhood they had stuck together and their plan to make an own detective office was one of a few ideas they had. In the end Jun had studied law while Masaki had become a kindergarten teacher, but one thing never changed: they were still friends, and because none of them earned a lot of money, they shared an apartment together, which was cheaper for them, and they weren’t that lonely in the big town.

“And now the fabulous detectives will be back in their biggest case, a horror case …” Jun chuckled, but he felt a cold shiver running down his spine when he thought that this could really get a horror story.


Jun watched the trees and houses passing outside.

“He sells magic cards and …. I don’t know.” Masaki brushed his finger over the tablet. “Herbs?” He showed Jun the picture of a small bottler with certain leaves in it.

Jun took the tablet and enlarged the picture. “It seems so,” Jun murmured. He clicked on the link ‘about me’ and scrolled down to read the short summary about the owner. “There is not really much information about the owner on his page.”

Masaki nodded at him. “I know. He seems to sell toys or something like this, but this website is somehow … strange?”

Jun agreed. It was indeed strange. There was a small picture of this Ninomiya-guy. Jun clicked on it to make it larger. “He has mysterious eyes, don’t you think?” Jun looked up at his friend.

Jun giggled when he saw Masaki blushing. He knew his best friend so well. “He’s your type, right?”

“Hey, I don’t know him, and beside that, it’s unfair. Just because you don’t have a certain type of guy you like, and you are more like a riddle wrapped up in an enigma,” Masaki complained. It made Jun laugh out loud. “Not fair,” Masaki grumbled and grasped the tablet to place it in his bag.

“I am not that mysterious, Masaki,” Jun still laughed. But somehow Masaki was right, Jun hadn’t a certain type of guy he liked. His last boyfriend had been rather short and blonde, the one before had been dark haired and tall.

“You are,” Masaki said. “You are one big mystery, Jun-pon.” Masaki chuckled happily.

“And you are stupid,” Jun said, joining the laughter.


He tried to fight against the chains around his wrists. His breath was already slow and he could feel the stinging pain in his face. He licked with this tongue over his lips, tasting the blood around his mouth. He looked around. The small cellar he was locked in let just small patterns of light in the room. It was dusty and cold in this room.

His mouth was dry and he wished for nothing more than a bottle of water. He looked up at the mirror on the other side of the room. He blinked when he felt his sight getting blurry. He fought against fainting and shook his head slightly to get back to his senses.

He looked up and concentrated on the mirror. He could see thin lines appearing there and suddenly a face appeared in the mirror. Sho smiled. He had no idea who it was, but he needed to try contacting him.

Sho took a deep breath. His eyes got thin when he started concentrating on the face in the mirror. Sho imagined the word ‘help’ and ‘me’. He concentrated on these two words till he could see them appearing on the mirror. He scanned the face of the man, who stepped back, shocked.

Sho coughed. He felt the last energy leaving his body. The wounds on his face hurt and the scratches on his back and stomach burnt like hell. He shook his head to make the dizziness disappear. He could see a second man appearing at the mirror. They seemed to talk with each other and some moments later Sho saw words appearing.

Who are you? Sho’s heart beat faster. They talked with him, maybe this was his chance for help.

He leaned forward against his chains and whispered. “I am Sakurai Sho.” The words showed up on the mirror. “Please help me,” he added on the mirror.

Sho could hear footsteps outside his prison cell. He got nervous, he needed to be fast now. “Come on,” Sho murmured. He sighed in relieve when he saw the next question on the mirror.

Where are you? Sho could hear the keys in the door turning. “No time, Ninomiya’s shop of magic horror.” Sho thought and waited till the words appeared. He whispered a few words and the faces on the mirror vanished. Sho hoped that these guys would search for Ninomiya’s shop. He was the only one who was able to help Sho, the only one who knew about Sho’s ability and his enemy.

A/N: Hello everyone <3
I know it's Friday and it's time for the oprhans, but since it's lilly0's birthday this weekend, I am posting this today. It's a short multi (Around 6-8 chapters) and I really hope you enjoy reading it. <3 It's been ages since I wrote Sakumoto for the last time, I really hope you'll like it.
And happy birthday dear <3
I will post this multi on Wednesday and the orphans will be back tomorrow or next week, it depends how much time I have tomorrow, that's why I post this today. I know three multis are a lot I post right now, but I wanted to write something for lilly, so I just post it now :D  <3 <3

Tags: g: au, g: drama, g: fantasy, g: romance, length: multi chapter, p: aiba masaki/ ninomiya kazunari, p: matsumoto jun/ sakurai sho, r: pg13, series: catch your reflection
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