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Up where we belong 2/? (JunBa, Sakumiya)

Title: Up where we belong
Pairing: For the beginning Arashi friendhip, later on: JunBa, Sakumiya, Ohno/??
Rating: up to R

Warning: None
Summary: To grow up in an orphanage can be really depressing. You miss your family, or you wonder about your family. Why are you here? Where is your mother? Your father? Everything starts getting easier when you have friends who are your family - like in Masaki's, Sho's, Kazu's and Satoshi's case. And when a baby arrives in the orphanage, Masaki has big-brother-like feelings from the very first beginning.
Note: The first chapters are Arashi as children. Masaki and Kazu are around 8 years old, Sho is 11, Satoshi 12, and Jun is 6 months old ;)

Masaki hid the colours under his shirt. It was already evening when he and Kazu sneaked out of the building.

“Do you have everything?” Kazu whispered.

“Yes, I have some colours and a brush. I just hope Satoshi brings the paper,” Masaki replied.

They walked up the swing, where they wanted to meet this evening. Masaki hoped that the nuns wouldn’t recognize that they weren’t in their rooms. The nuns had already checked the rooms, but the children could never be sure that there wouldn’t be another control at night.

Masaki could see two slender figures running up to them. One of them was definitely Sho, and the other had to be Satoshi. They smiled at Masaki when they reached the place. “I have the paper,” Satoshi said.

“What are we doing now?” Kazu wanted to know.

“You wait here, I go back to take Jun, and then we are going to make this. Just prepare everything we discussed,” Masaki said. He was proud of his plan, and he just hoped that no one would destroy it.


Sho looked at Aiba disappearing in the building again. His heart beat fast. He knew it was forbidden to stay outside at night, and he knew what it would mean if they’d get caught.

“Let’s spread the paper on the ground,” Satoshi whispered.

“You know that I am absolutely talent free when it’s about art, right?” Sho asked. He didn’t know the exact plan Masaki had made together with Satoshi and Kazu.

“Don’t worry, you don’t need any talent. Even I am able to make this, so just help us here now,” Kazu whispered.

They spread the paper on the ground and Kazu placed the colours right next to it. “So, can someone please tell me what we are going to do right now?” Sho asked.

Satoshi had just told him that they wanted to make a secret art project, but he didn’t tell him what it was. “If it’s just about a picture, we could have made it in the class. The nuns would have let us doing it, so why this whole secret-night project?”

“Because I want it to be a kind of vow.” Sho turned to look at Masaki, who had Jun on his arms.

“A vow?” He asked.

Masaki sat down in the tailor seat, the blanket with Jun on his lap. “Yes.” He poked Jun’s cheek, who giggled happily. Kazu robbed closer and stretched out his finger, which got occupied by Jun immediately.

“I want this picture to be a vow that we always stay in contact, like a real family. No matter how far we are away from each other,” Aiba explained.

Sho could feel a knot in his throat. Most of the time he ignored that there was the chance that one of them had to leave this place, but sometimes it came back to his mind, like right now. Masaki was right, if there’d come a family who wanted one of them … no, he didn’t want to think about that.

Kazu smiled at Masaki. “That’s a good idea, and we’ll give this picture to Jun – our youngest member.”

Sho looked at the baby, which sucked happily at Kazu’s finger. Jun’s toes moved back and forth and his feet hit Masaki’s chest from time to time.

“I start,” Masaki said. He took Jun into his arms and handed him to Kazu, who looked rather shocked.

“You know he always starts crying when I take him.” Kazu panicked.

Sho sighed when he saw Jun’s mouth curling and a soft cry escaped his lips. “I’ll take him.” Sho could feel the warm body against his. It felt weird to have something like a younger brother again, even though he already had to take care of Kazu and Masaki almost six years ago.

Masaki took the green colour and placed a great amount of it on his hand. Then he placed his hand on the paper a created a nice hand imprint on it. He smiled happily while he cleaned his hand with some cleaning pads.

“I take him, and you go next, Sho-chan,” Masaki smiled. Sho handed him the baby and stepped forward to the colours. Green was taken by Masaki, there was yellow, red, blue and purple left. He thought about yellow or red, but in the end Sho decided to take the red colour and printed his hand on the paper.

“What do you think suit me, blue or yellow?” Kazu asked.

“You are yellow,” Aiba chirped.

Kazu nodded at him and started painting his hand. “Okay, I’ll go for blue then,” Ohno explained.

“Seems that purple is for you, Jun-pon.” Aiba rubbed his nose against Jun’s cheek, earning a happy giggle from the baby.

Aiba placed Jun in his lap again before he took the purple colour and placed a bit of it on Jun’s hand on one foot. He raised the baby and stepped forward.

“Wait, I help you,” Sho said and came closer. He took Jun’s hand while Aiba held him and pressed Jun’s fingers on the paper before taking his foot and doing same.

When they were done, they sat together around the paper. Sho looked at the five colours, two big hands, two smaller and one tiny hand and one mini foot on it. “That was an amazing idea Masaki,” he said.

“It is amazing,” Masaki chirped. He was grinning like madly. “It really makes me feel like we belong to each other.”

“So this is our vow?” Ohno asked, earning a nod from Masaki.

“Yes, we’ll give this picture to Jun. The youngest one should keep it. I want our bond last forever,” Masaki clapped.

Sho couldn’t help. He felt touched by this. He looked from one to the other. They all smiled, and even Jun moved in his blanket, babbling something happily, like he wanted to tell them about his adventures.


Masaki climbed in his bed and pushed the blanket over his body. He looked at his hand where he still had some green colour. He smiled. It had been a perfect evening. And the picture – which was now in Jun’s room, right under his bed – was their perfect vow to stay together, no matter where they’d go in future.

“Masaki?” Masaki heard Kazu’s voice calling his name.

He raised his head to look at his friend. “What?” Masaki asked.

Kazu stepped out of his bed and climbed into Masaki’s. “Do you really think that we’ll stay something like a family till we are grownups?”

Masaki sat up. He had thought about that often during the last time. “You mean because of the incident last week?”

Kazu nodded. “I was so nervous and so afraid that it would be me who need to leave the place here.”

Masaki pulled his legs closer to his body and wrapped his arms around them. “My whole body was shaking,” he admitted honestly. “And I cried when I heard that the family took the small boy from the third floor, and not Satoshi.”

Kazu nodded. “Are we weird?”

“Why should we be weird?” Masaki asked.

Kazu sighed. “You know, it should be our goal to get out of here. We should be happy when we finally find a family to stay, but I wouldn’t be happy. I want to stay here.”

Masaki nodded. “Me too.”

Masaki lied down again. He could feel Kazu shifting and suddenly his blanket got pulled up and Kazu slipped next to him. “Do you think Satoshi and Sho want to stay here too? Or do you think that Satoshi is sad because he had to stay here?”

Masaki had thought about that, but he didn’t know it. “I think Satoshi likes it here, but I am not sure about Sho sometimes.” Masaki looked at Kazu. “You know, sometimes I have the feeling that he longs for a real family. For mommy and daddy.”

Kazu nodded. “Yes, I know what you mean. I have the same feeling.”

Masaki had his eyes already half closed, ready to fall asleep before a thought hit him. “I hope that Jun doesn’t get adopted too fast. He is still a baby, and adults love babies.”

Kazu agreed. “And he is a sweet one.” Kazu grinned.

“Why are you smiling?”

“You know, Jun seems to be addicted to you, so maybe he cries and yells when someone rises him up.”

Masaki giggled. Something warm spread in him. Probably he hoped that Kazu was right and Jun would yell every adult away from the orphanage. He yawned loudly. “I really hope you are right, Kazu.”

“Everything will be alright, Masaki,” Kazu said. “Good night.”
Masaki smiled. “Good night, Kazu-chan.”


Sho sat at his desk. He learned for a test he’d have in two days. “It’s already past midnight, don’t you want to go to bed?”

“Sorry,” Sho said. “I didn’t want to wake you up. I have this test in school the day after tomorrow and I think I am not well prepared.”

Satoshi yawned. “I am sure you pass it, because you always get the best results in tests.”

“Okay, I go to sleep now.” Sho stood up to get to his bed. He turned to look at Satoshi. “Say, do you feel better again?”

“What do you mean?” Satoshi had his eyes already closed again.

Sho sighed. “I mean the family which decided to take the other boy?” He didn’t want to ask Satoshi first, because he didn’t know if he’d hurt him much more when he tried to make him talk about it openly.

Satoshi sat up. “I am okay, really. I have a good life here.”

“I know you, and your eyes were so excited, Satoshi,” Sho said.

“I was a little bit sad about it, but now it’s okay.” Maybe he was telling the truth, but Sho could see in Satoshi’s eyes, that he was sadder than he had admitted.

“I am happy to hear that,” Sho just said and slipped into his bed. “Good night, Satoshi.”

“Yeah,” Satoshi yawned. “Good night.”

A/N: Hello everyone, thanks for your nice comments last week, I feel better now, and it's everything okay now ^^ I am just really busy because of work, but it's okay ^^
So, here is chapter two, they are really like a family even though they are young, but what happens if someone needs to leave the place? Or do they stay together till the end? ^^

Tags: g: au, g: au-ish, g: drama, g: group story, g: romance, length: multi chapter, p: aiba masaki/ matsumoto jun, p: ninomiya kazunari/ sakurai sho, r: pg13, series: up where we belong
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