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Advent calendar Day 11 (Yama)

Title: Advent Calendar Day 11
Pairing: Yama
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Sho doesn't know what present he shall make Ohno for their first Christmas together.
Notes: Written for my advent calendar for rollingday_s

“A boat?” Aiba had his head tilted.

“Too much?” Sho asked innocently. Aiba didn’t need to answer, his look was enough to tell Sho what Aiba thought about Sho’s present for Ohno. Sho sighed. “I have no idea what I shall buy him for Christmas. It’s our first year together, and I am so helpless.”

Aiba chuckled. “And you think I am able to help you?”

Sho rubbed his face. “Since you and Jun are together, and we all know that Jun is quite picky with his presents, I thought that you have an answer for me.”

Aiba couldn’t hide a grin. “You know, me and Jun are pretty similar when it comes to presents, but Ohno … that’s something different. Have you ever thought of giving him something personal for Christmas? Maybe something self-made?” Aiba rubbed his chin. “But please don’t start cooking, we don’t want any accidents.”

“Not funny,” Sho grumbled. “But self-made is a good idea. I think I have a good one. Thank you Aiba-chan.”

“Every time again, but what’s your present?” Aiba asked.

“The most special thing ever, maybe Ohno will tell you after he opened it,” Sho grinned sheepishly.

Two weeks later – on Christmas Eve – Sho was pretty nervous. He looked at Ohno, who opened his package almost too slow for Sho’s taste. Ohno looked at Sho in utter surprise. “It’s a picture of you?”

Sho grinned. “Read the backside.”

“You get Sho for two whole days and you can do whatever you want with him in the small Sakurai-cottage. Food, drinks, and all comfort are already paid.” Ohno looked up at Sho.

Sho was nervous. He didn’t know what Ohno would say about that present. It wasn’t exactly expensive, but Sho hoped that it was something special – something Ohno would like.

“That’s the best gift ever,” Ohno said with a big smile. “Especially the fact that I can do whatever I want with you.”

Sho’s tension faded – yeah, he made it.
Tags: g: fluff, g: romance, length: drabble, p: ohno satoshi/ sakurai sho, r: pg13, x: drabble series
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